Your Beliefs and How it Affects Your Success

Your belief in anything can change your outcome. Crazy but true. In this blog I am going to be touching on how your beliefs change your outcome and how it affects your decisions in all walks of your life. I will also show you how to change your beliefs to get success.

Have you ever wondered why good things work out for people and not you? Even if you are trying and doing what others are doing? It has a lot to do with how your mind works.



How do you get beliefs in the first place?

You have 5 main senses. You actually have a lot more but we are only going to touch on the ones you use the most. Sight, hearing, and seeing is the ones we use most to determine whether something is good or bad. 

Your nervous system has the capacity to take in 2 million chunks of information at the same time. That is your conscious. But your subconscious only has the capacity to process 4 – 7 chunks of information at a time.

For instance – I can look at my computer screen and see the keys, read the text, and see the colors when I am focusing on the computer screen. But at the same time my subconscious is taking in other things. Like the feeling on the bottom of my feet. Funny how when I was focusing on the computer I wasn’t feeling the feeling at the bottom of my feet until I mentioned it. That is how your mind works.

The benefit to this is that if I couldn’t focus on my computer I could never get this blog done if I had to pay attention to everything.

The problem with this is when your mind is looking for things that is not useful to you it is going to create unconscious responses in your body and mind that leads to actions and results that you don’t want to create.

We have to choose what we are paying attention to. It is controlled by your beliefs.


Example: I always wanted to work from home and be able to travel. I did the training. I was doing what I was told but why wasn’t it working for me?

I had doubt. I doubted myself, my business, my prospects, etc. because I always thought money was the root of all evil. I even thought that was in the Bible. But it is not. It says for the love of money is evil. I also got that from watching all these movies where all the rich people was the bad guy. My subconscious mind was picking that up without me realizing it and it was sabotaging my chances for success! Money isn’t bad or evil. They have rich people that are bad and rich people that are good. Just like there is poor people that are bad and poor people that are good. If both is true how can we blame it on money? That was an eye opener for me.

My conscious mind was trying to get me there but my subconscious mind had me refreshing Facebook and playing on Candy Crush when I should have been focusing on my training videos. I thought it is on and I can hear it so that’s good enough. 

My beliefs and values was not aligned with my goals. So I wasn’t succeeding and I was like well I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Again putting more negative subconscious thoughts into me head. And guess what it didn’t work for me. But when I started applying these tools I am about to share to you to myself and my business I had awesome results!


This is what you need to change if you want to succeed at anything:

1. Belief in yourself, your abilities, beliefs in what you can accomplish. If you can change this and get it into alignment with your goal there is nothing you can’t achieve.

2. Belief in your company and products. You can’t continue to sell products if you don’t believe in them. It might work for a little while but then drop fast. Remember all them chunks of information that your mind takes in. Well your prospects have that too and their subconscious can tell if you don’t really believe in the company or the products. Something to think about.

3. Belief in your prospects. Remember the most successful people was once just like you or your prospects. If you don’t believe in them your subconscious will sabotage it.

4. Belief in your team. If you don’t believe in your team they won’t stay around long.

5. Belief in the work that you do will get you the results you want. When you have an ordinary job you believe you will be getting paid. As a young child I was brought up thinking you had to get a normal job and go to college to get a good income. Because that was in my subconscious, it affected my outcome. So subconsciously I was thinking there was no other way. Steering my away form what I really wanted.


Ok now that you know what you need to change. How can you change it? Read below:

14 different patterns to create belief shifts:

1. Positive Intentions. Turn the negative intentions that you thought about money into positive ones. 

For instance, you can have money and family and be happy and good. Think about a rich person that is a good person. Train your mind that it is ok to be rich, have a family, and you can be good. Imagine all the things you can provide for your family if you had money. Imagine how much you can help the poor, your church, and your life if you had money. See it works! Dwell on that!

2. Redefine your Intentions.

Example: Why not be a person who loved their family so much that they worked hard to give them a life they really deserve.

3. Consequences.

Example: How much would this cost you if you continue to believe this? If you give up then you will never be able to give your family the life they deserve.

4. Chunking Up.

Example: Take a pen for example. What can it do? You can use it for writing. You can poke someone with it. What can you do with your business? Can you help others? Can it benefit others?

5. Chunking down.

Example: Going with the pen again. what specifically makes it work? The ink right. What kind of paper can it write on? Same instance let’s think about your business. What specific work you have done in the past that didn’t work? What specific work you have done in the past that has created a result? Just like that pen you need to learn what you can write on; you need to learn what works and doesn’t in your business.

Note: You are not failing in your business just because something didn’t work out for you. You are learning what works and what doesn’t work. Just like Thomas Edison, he failed hundreds of times before he mastered the light bulb. But he had to go through that process to find out what works and what doesn’t work.

6. Metaphors.

Example: People say I am not producing a result. You are producing a result. Good or bad it is a result. Use that to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Another great example of this is a bamboo tree. When it is first planted you don’t see any growth because it is taking all that time and energy in planting it roots firmly in the ground. But in a matter of a year that tree can grow to 60 ft tall! How deep are your roots?

7. Change your frame size.

Example: A photographer was focusing in on a fish but as he zoomed out he saw another fish coming after it. He zoomed out further and seen a shark going after the bigger fish. In zooming further out he seen fishermen coming after that shark. As you zoom out your belief changes. Try that with your goal. It is powerful!

8. Changing the outcome.

Ask what outcome that belief is pointing to. If it isn’t something that sits well with you then take that in and use that to change it. Remember we all want to be blessed but only the ones that work for it succeeds!

9. Model of the world.

What you see isn’t always there. For instance, when you look at a menu in a restaurant. It has pictures of the food. Or commercials with these juicy hamburgers on them. But when you get the food it doesn’t always look like the ones in the picture and on the commercials. Your mind had your hopes up for getting that same burger but in reality it wasn’t. So you get disappointed.

Ways your mind plays tricks on you:

  • Deletion. Have you ever lost your glasses and you can’t find them anywhere? All the while they are on your head! Or walked into a room and forgot why you went into that room. Your mind deletes things all the time. It is depending on what you are focusing on as to what is being deleted.
  • Distortion. Have you ever been walking in the woods and seen a stick and thought it was a snake? 
  • Generalization. This is how your mind can tell a camera from a cow. You know what a camera looks like so when you see something that looks like one you think it is one but if it is new and off a little you start second guessing what you are seeing.

10. Reality Strategy.

How do you really know it is real? Of course we all know that the sun will come up tomorrow. Right? But what if it doesn’t? Then the reality will change. But because it has came up everyday of our lives we relate that to reality. Just like we put into our reality that you can only get money working at a job but is that true? In reality a lot of people are working from home and building businesses and succeeding. Is that lining up with our reality?

11. Counter example.

Example of something that can prove your belief is wrong. You can take religions for example. In some religions women can’t wear pants. While some religions allows women to wear pants. In other words they both have their own beliefs but one religion justifies in their minds that they should and the other that they shouldn’t. That is what we need to do with the beliefs we have about our business. We need to find justification of why it will work. Find examples of how other people make it work. If it can work for them it can work for you. Put that in your head.

12. Hierarchy of criteria.

Are you really loving your family by not giving them the lifestyle or opportunity in life? Deep but something to think about.

13. Apply to self.

Example: Cancer causes death. We apply cancer to that belief and in return we kill any chances of finding a cure. Thank God we have people that believe in finding a cure, right?

14. Meta frame.

Bigger picture of how your beliefs apply to the world. Think about all the successful people out there. They all have one thing in common. They never gave up! Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Thomas Edison, and David Wood just to name a few! They never gave up. Sure they had hard times and failed plenty of time but they never gave up! 

The key is never giving up and learning from your mistakes. For instance, learning to tie your shoes. It was hard in the beginning. It took work. You had to deal with your subconscious telling you that if you didn’t tie it right you would fall down and hurt yourself. Yet you didn’t give up and now it just comes natural. You don’t have to think about every little step. You do it everyday without much effort. That is just like your business. At first yes it can get overwhelming and you will fail but learn from it and move on and you will be able to create success without putting much effort in it because it will come natural!

Bottom line is is that you create your thoughts in your head and your thoughts is what determines your outcome! If you want a different outcome then you need to follow these steps and get your mind right. You need to align your beliefs with your goals in order to succeed!

What strategy do you think will be the hardest to complete? What belief is holding you back from achieving your goals? Comment below I would love to hear them!

Love and Blessings,