How to Grow Your Vision Using a Pecan

It is crazy how your vision can get bigger and bigger just from expanding your mind. 

It is also called “Chunking Up.” By chunking up you can make any situation in your mind awesome or scary.

Here is another parable, but this time it is the opposite side (the negative side) of chunking up your vision: 

Visualize this shrimp swimming in the ocean:

Now visualize a fish coming after the shrimp:

Untitled design.jpg


Scope out some more and visualize a shark going after the fish:

 Now let’s scope out even more and throw some fishermen in the mix:

See how you can have both positive and negative outcomes just by using your mind to chunk up? 

In actuality, we do this all the time and we don’t realize that we do this.

Okay, so now you know that your mind can chunk up both negatively and positively.

I want you to chunk up your vision just like in the parable of the pecan. Chunk it up so big that it affects other people positively! 

Stop “chunking up” your vision to have a negative/scary emotion. 

By doing so you are allowing your own mind to get in the way of your success, happiness, purpose, etc.

You see I believe everybody has a purpose in life and that God gives you vision.

I also believe that your purpose is driven by your vision.

You were born with a purpose in life. We all are! 

Let your vision be your guide in fulfilling your purpose!

Love and Blessings,

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