Hey Girl,

I'm just a girl from Louisiana who has big dreams!

I'm a wife, mother of 3, and a home schooling mom. 

I'm also a Writer, Success Coach for Women, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner to 3 businesses, and a Member of Today's Leading Women.

I started on my journey to freedom and happiness just 2 short years ago.

For a long time I was in depression. I was "the why me girl", "the girl who hated her life and didn't know how to make it better", "the jealous girl", etc.

I thought to myself there's gotta be something more than just going through the motions day in and day out or working your butt off and not enjoying your time, money, and family.

I looked at other people "living it up" and always happy and I decided to study them, like what do they do, how do they do it, etc.

In doing so, I have discovered and learned so much about life, finances, relationships, business, success, etc. 

I felt it was wrong of me to keep this all to myself and that with all what I have learned I can help you achieve the dreams and goals that you have.

I am on a mission to help you become the woman you dreamed about when you was a little girl. (I actually dreamed of owning a farm, but yea, not what I am wanting now!)

You see, we aren't just wives and mommies! We are POWERFUL women who can be in control of our lives! 

Love and Blessings,


She knew the power of her mind and programmed it for Success!

Meet the Parhams

I am blessed with an awesome hubby of 16 years! (We started dating when we was 15 years old!) 


I am also blessed with 3 beautiful children who I home school. (I have been home schooling now for 10 years and going!)


We are from Louisiana, have a home in Tennessee, and are currently living in Texas. Yes we travel a lot! 

More about the Parhams...

  • We love God, sports, spending time together, learning, the beach, and taking vacations.

  • We also practice Jiu-Jitsu, M.M.A., Gymnastics, and Competitive Cheer. (Yes my kids stay busy!)

  • We are Saints and LSU fans.....no matter where we live and even if they are doing bad :)

  • We are a family that thinks outside the box and we enjoy the freedom that we have created for ourselves!

Business and Mindset Coaching

I decided to do something with all the courses and books that I have read and studied so that I can help other women learn what I have learned a lot faster, easier, and for less money!

 My Signature Program designed to help you achieve all the goals you desire and attract more happiness, money, and a beautiful state of mind

My Signature Program designed to help you achieve all the goals you desire and attract more happiness, money, and a beautiful state of mind

Founder of Passion, Freedom, and Prosperity Blog

I started blogging about all my findings 2 years ago so I can help you become more confident and successful.

In my blogs I am real and me and that is what made it so successful and understanding.

I am in no way PERFECT and by sharing my imperfections and by being me I was able to help so many people.


Note: You can read more about the people I was able to help on my Testimonial Page.

Founder of Home Schooling Mom Blog

  Click the picture to visit my Home Schooling Blog

Click the picture to visit my Home Schooling Blog

I started this blog to help other home schooling moms with tips and advice that I have learned throughout my experience in my 10 years of home schooling my kids.

Just like with my Passion, Freedom, and Prosperity Blog, I set this blog for other women to learn from me and inspire them.

Moms can relate to moms. So in this blog I share actual things that happens and what I did to overcome them through trial and error.

Member of Today's Leading Women

I was interviewed by the beautiful and successful Marie Grace!

To the right is a snippet from the Today's Leading Women website of my business/personal description!

You can also hear my interview by clicking the picture below!

Real Estate Investor and Apartment Owner

This was a big dream of mine and I thought I would be over 50 years old until I made this dream a reality but amazingly it only took me 5 months after I started my journey!!!

So you see, you can make your dreams a reality and it doesn't have to take years!!!

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